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Sunday - 5:01 PM

The 2015 Rock & Gem Show is over.  On behalf of the Mobile Rock & Gem Society and all the vendors, thank you for coming out to see us.  We hope you had a wonderful time.  See you next year!

Sunday - 2:10 PM

Pictures from the 1:00 PM Gem Tree making class.

Sunday - 1:08 PM

If you are a fossil collector, you need to check out the wide variety of fossils at the Rock & Gem Show...including shark teeth.

Ancient to modern...mundane to Megalodon.

Sunday - 12:33 PM

Looking for jewelry?  For yourself or that special someone?  One of the many jewelry vendors at the Rock & Gem Show has what you are looking for.  New or vintage, inexpensive or heirloom their is something for you.  There are even vendors with loose stones.

Sunday - 11:51 AM

Do you collect minerals?  Are you interested in starting?  Either way the vendors at the Rock & Gem Show have what you are looking for.  They have everything from very inexpensive thumbnail specimens at the way up to huge (you're going to need help getting it home) display pieces.

Sunday - 11:23 AM

Lapis Lazuli is a deep blue material that makes both beautiful jewelry and eye catching display pieces.  There is a wide selection of Lapis available from multiple vendors at the Show.

Sunday - 10:25 AM

Do you like Ammonites?  If your answer is yes, then several of the vendors at the Rock & Gem show have just what you are looking for.  Enjoy the pictures.

Don't know what Ammonites are? (Warning: pictures may cause life-long addiction)  Here's a link with some information on these amazing fossils: Ammonites

Sunday - 10:14 AM

If you are a fossil collector, or really just interested in unique things, you need to check this out.  Vendor Lane's Fine Jewelry has one of the most unique items you'll ever find...fossilized dinosaur eggs!

Sunday - 10:01 AM

Day 3 is underway!  Show closes at 5:00 PM today.

Sunday - 8:39 AM

The Doors open for day 3 (last day!) of the Annual Rock & Gem Show at 10:00 AM.  We hope to see you at the show!

Today's schedule of events:
   10:00 AM - Doors open
     1:00 PM - Gem Tree making class ($5 fee)
    2:00 PM - Flint Knapping demonstration
    4:00 PM - Raffle Prizes awarded (you do not have to be present to win)
    5:00 PM - Doors close!

Saturday - 5:45 PM

The show will be closing in about 15 minutes.  Thank you to the 658 people who came out to see us today.  We hope you found something special, and that you'll come back and see us again tomorrow.  Doors open in the morning at 10:00 AM.

Saturday - 4:05 PM

Pictures from the 3:00 Gem Tree making class. The next class will be Sunday at 1:00 PM.

Vendor Profile - Lapis Valley

Your Direct Source of World Minerals.  Specialized in Lapis, Tourmaline, Aquamarine, Topaz, Kunzite, Peridot & Other rare Minerals

Saturday - 2:34 PM

Pictures from Guy's Arrowheads and Stuff flint knapping demonstration.  There will be another demonstration Sunday at 2:00 PM as well.

Saturday - 12:54 PM

One of the door prizes at today show was a softball-sized geode donated by Kieth Harmon of Stone Crystals.  Lucky show-goer Dan won the drawing and Mr. Harmon cracked open the geode for him.  The first people ever to see the inside of this treasure.  

Dan has very graciously agreed to leave the geode on display at the club booth until he leaves the show today.  Thanks Dan, its a real beauty!

Saturday - 11:51 AM

Our first Gem Tree making class of the day is finishing up.  14 people make a unique treasure to take home. The next class is at 3:00 PM today.  Enjoy the pictures.  

Vendor Profile - Planetary Parts

Planetary Parts is a dealer of fine minerals, fossils and display specimens for the home & business interior design market. In tune with supplying the needs of the metaphysical market, we stock a large selection of hard to find mineral species for nets, grounding and healing. Unusual crystals (Generators, Himalayas, Lemurians) and new rare species are always being introduced along with new healing and divining tools. Proprietor Jim Haege also inventories tumbled stones, rock, mineral and fossil samples suitable for classroom use. Planetary Parts vast inventory includes : Ethiopian Opals, Brazilian Agate Pendants, a fresh shipment of Amethyst plates, Epidote Crystal Gem Straws, Hypersthene, Pietersite, Charoite and more. Planetary Parts Website

Saturday - 9:00 AM

Doors are open for day 2!

Today's scheduled events:
    11:00 - Gem Tree making class
     2:00 - Flint Knapping demonstration
     3:00 - Gem Tree making class 

Friday - 6:01 PM

Day one of the Rock & Gem Show comes to a close.  Thank you to the 478 people who came out to see us today.  We hope you found something special.  Come back and see us Saturday when the doors open at 9:00 AM.

Friday - 5:48 PM

Completed trees from our second gem-tree making class

Friday - 4:50 PM

Completed (and almost completed) creations from this afternoons first gem-tree making class.  Another class starts in 10 minutes (5:00 PM)

Friday - 3:40 PM

Our first gem-tree making class is going full blast!

Friday - 2:10 PM

Lots of activities for kids in the Juniors area.  There are coloring sheets and rubbings.  There are also fossils to paint ($1/each), a Gem mine to dig in for your own gemstones ($2) and fossil bags you can shift out yourself ($3).  At 3:00 PM and 5:00 PM today (and at other times throughout the weekend..see the Annual Show page for event details) there will be gem tree making classes ($5 fee).

The Old Prospector and his trusty rouckhound Barney have also stopped by for a while.

Vendor Profile - Texas Magpie Gemstones

Magpie Gemstones is a small family owned business in the Okanogan Valley in Washington State, we have been buying and selling gemstone beads for many years and making jewelry for a living for even longer, over 2 decades now. 

We know our stones and are constantly learning more. We disclose all known or suspected treatments and take pride in our honesty and integrity in the gem trade.

You can follow Texas Magpie at their website, or on Facebook.

Friday, November 27 - 1:01 PM

Doors are open!

Friday, November 27 - 12:30 PM

Doors opening in 30 minutes.  Pretty much everything is set.  Our A-Team of greeters, Karen, Prim, Dee, and Andy are ready to welcome you...come out and enjoy the show!

Wednesday, November 25

See the Fox-10 TV spot that ran today with two of our own telling everyone about the show...here.

Show prep day two comes to a close.  Signs going up...

Hundreds more feet of electrical run...a forest of poles and wires as we get power from the ceiling and edges of the event floor to all the little islands that are vendor booths.   Most of the club spaces are ready for visitors. 

We'll take a short break for Thanksgiving, then Thursday afternoon we take busy up a notch as the vendors start arriving and we make the final push to Friday's 1:00 PM opening.

Tuesday, November 24

First day of prep for the annual show is in the books.  A trailer of supplies unloaded, over 260 tables set up, and hundreds of feet of electrical cabling running.  Day one is always a busy day turning the blank slate of the event floor into something that begins to resemble a rock and gem show.  Still lots more to do on day two to get ready for the 21st Annual Show.  Here are your day one set up pictures (click for larger image)...

October 2015
Final preparations for the show are being made.  Members of the Mobile Rock & Gem Soceity will begin setting up for the show on the Monday before Thanksgiving.  Vendors will begin arriving Thanksgiving afternoon and setting up.  The doors open at 1:00 PM the Friday after Thanksgiving.