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Below are the most recent books added to the MRGS Library in June, with descriptions and links to the online catalog:

Troubleshooting for Jewelers
Common Problems, Why They Happen & How to Fix Them
By Frieda Munro - Call# 739.27
This book is a comprehensive guide covering hundreds of mistakes, accidents, roadblocks and disasters that jewelers may encounter, especially for the beginner and the intermediate. Other helpful features include:

  • Color-coded tabs for easy navigation.

  • 150 diagnostic charts

  • Descriptions of a problem and potential causes are listed.

  • Images and photographs to diagnose and remedy the issue at hand.

Aerial Geology
A High-Altitude Tour of North America’s Spectacular Volcanoes, Canyons, Glaciers, Lakes, Craters, and Peaks
By Mary Caperton Morton - Call# 557
This book is an up-in-the-sky exploration of North America’s 100 most spectacular geological formations. The author brings you on a fantastic tour, sharing aerial and satellite photography, explanations on how each site was formed, and what makes each landform noteworthy. Maps and diagrams help illustrate the geological processes and concepts.

A Secret History
By Victoria Finlay - Call# 553.8
This book is a pleasure read! The author tells of her own globe-circling search for the dazzling real stories behind some of the gems we prize most. Jewels is a unique and often exhilarating voyage through history, across cultures, deep into the earth’s mantle, and up to the glittering heights of fame, power, and wealth.

Collector's Guide to the Zeolite Group
(Schiffer Earth Science Monographs)
By Robert J. Lauf - Call# 549.68
Continuing the Collector’s Guide series, this book explains how zeolites form excellent crystals and are enormously important to industry. Over 200 photographs of these beautiful minerals show each species in its geological context.

Rocks, Gems and Minerals of the Southwest
(Falcon Pocket Guide)
Garret Romaine - Call# 552.0979
This book is a small guide of the rocks, gems and minerals you will find in the US southwest.

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