Junior Rockhounds

The 2019 Summer Camp will be July 8-10!
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Ages 7-17. We meet on the fourth Saturday of each month (not in November) from 10:00 AM to noon. Occasionally we have to adjust the date due to conflicts.

Items to bring.  It would be helpful if you brought these things with you:

  • $2.00 Dues - this covers the cost of supplies and the use of the building. Dues must be paid to participate in the auction.

  • Money for Auction - optional. Most parents send 1-3 dollars.

  • Show & Tell (2 item maximum) - this can be any rock or mineral related item, EXCEPT items picked up from club property, pencils (graphite), and parking lot rocks. Be able to tell about your item(s). You don't have to know everything about your rock, but please know more than, "it's a rock". Many members use small craft organizers to hold their smaller rocks. These are available at Walmart, Harbor Freight, craft stores, etc. These are not required, but are quite helpful.

  • Rock Binder - a binder for keeping track of handouts. An old school binders works great.

  • Rock Bag - tote bag or similar...to hold all your stuff.

  • Pencil or Pen

  • Snack (optional) - to share with the group

Children at least 12 years old may learn to use the power tools in the workshop with adult supervision. To use the workshop, older children MUST bring:

  • A lapidary project to work on. Some ok to learn on, but otherwise plain material is available in the workshop for $1-2.

  • Safety Glasses.

  • Ear Protection (ear plug or muffs).

  • Face Mask (dust mask).

Safety gear is absolutely mandatory to work in the workshop.  Safety gear can be purchased inexpensively at may places (Harbor Freight frequently has it on sale).

  • Aprons are provided in the workshop.

  • Do not wear long sleeves (safety hazard).

  • Long hair must be securely pulled back (safety hazard).

  • Be aware that the workshop is wet, messy place - clothing and shoes may get wet and dirty.

  • Using the workshop is a privilege, and will be revoked if necessary to ensure safety.

Auctions. There is an auction every month.  Auction items start at $0.10 and increase in $0.10 increments to a maximum of $2.00 each. To participate in the auction, the $2.00 meeting dues must be paid. Children may hold their own auction money, or one of the club adults can keep up with it until the end of the auction.

Rock Bucks. Juniors earn "rock bucks" for activities each month.  These bucks are tracked throughout the year. At the end of the year, there is a big auction with the rock bucks instead of "real money". Bucks earning activities include:

  • Attending meeting - 25 rock bucks

  • Arriving on time (or early) - 25 rock bucks

  • Bringing your notebook - 25 rock bucks

  • Bring a Show & Tell - 25 rock bucks

  • Bring a Friend - 50 rock bucks

  • Have a Birthday - 100 rock bucks

  • Attend a Field Trip (as applicable - not every month) - 100 rock bucks

Parents are welcome to stay or drop off their child. If your child has any food allergies, or other special needs, please let us know. This information will be kept in confidence and is needed to ensure that your child has a safe, fun, experience.

Summer Camp.  Each summer, Mobile Rock & Gem holds a 3-day geology camp for juniors. For information on the summer camp, visit the Juniors Summer Camp page.