2014 Annual Show

November 28-30, 2014 (see the 2014 Show Page HERE)

Pre-show setup

Pictures from setting up the 2014 Show (November 25-28).  Over four days (Tuesday and Wednesday, Thanksgiving afternoon, and the morning before the show opens) a handful of Mobile Rock & Gem volunteers set up about 200 tables, and strung nearly half a mile of electrical cable to get the Abba Shrine ready for our vendors.  The vendors start setting up Thanksgiving afternoon and and most are still putting the finishing touches on their booths right as the doors open.

Mobile Rock & Gem Society supports the University of South Alabama Geology program, Bishop State Community College school of Jewelry Design, and University of Mobile Geology Studies through scholarships and donations.  Each program has an informational display at the show.  The USA Geology program also displays posters created by geology students as part of their advanced geology studies.

In addition to the schools.  Our vendors and club members also set up display cases to show case their work and collections.

When you come to the show, don't forget to visit the information booth to buy a raffle ticket (you can see close ups of the prizes on the 2014 Show Page).  Also remember to check out the giant log of Brilliant Wood from right here in Alabama.  Brilliant wood is petrified wood filled with tiny crystals (druze).  The picture doesn't really do it justice.  Come by and dig for gems and fossils at the sand pit, or paint a fossil of your own to take home.

The doors open...time for the show to begin.

Friday, 3:39 PM - Lots of people, and the sand pit is "rock'n"

Friday, 6:52 PMDay 1 of the Rock & Gem Show comes to a close at 7:00 PM.  510 people visited the show today.  Thank you for coming out, we hope you had a good time.  See you at 9:00 AM Saturday for day 2!

Saturday, 9:00 AM - Doors opening for day 2 of the Rock & gem Show.

Scheduled events for today:

12:00 - Geode Breaking Demonstration
  2:00 - Flintnapping Demonstration
  4:00 - Geode Breaking Demonstration

Vendor Profile - Natural Selection Crstals, NSC (Web / Facebook), is new to our show this year.  Jordan, the proprietor, is finishing a Doctorate degree in Physics and Geology and has turned his love of geology into a business.  NSC has an extensive collection of minerals from around the world, and Jordan is a tremendous resource for information on their origins and formation.

Saturday, 12:00 PM - Geode Cracking Demonstration.  Thanks to Keith Harmon of Stone Crystals (a regular vendor at our Annual Show) for showing everyone how its done.

Vendor Profile - Wild Sage Native American Jewelry (Web), is new to the show this year.  Wild Sage is base here in Alabama and carries Zuni, Navajo, and Hopi handmade jewelry.  Each piece is labeled with the tribe and name of the individual craftsman. The workmanship in these pieces is breathtaking...handcrafted in silver with lapis, turquoise, opal and other precious and semi-precious stones. Pictures cannot begin to do them justice.

Saturday, 6:00 PM - The doors are closed on Day 2 of the Rock & Gem Show.  Thank you to the 601 people who came through today.  We hope you found something wonderful!  See you Sunday morning at 10:00 AM. 

Sunday, 10:00 AM - The doors are open!  Come out and find something that rocks!

Scheduled Events for Sunday

  2:00 - Flintnapping Demonstration

Vendor Profile - Guy's Arrowheads & Stuff.  Guy is an accomplished flintnapper (or, as he says, ten years of experience and still learning).  Guy has flintnapping supplies and handmade napped arrowheads and knifes.  He also demonstrates ancient flintnapping techniques.

Sunday, 2:47 PM - pictures from the flint napping demonstration

Sunday, 5:00 PM - The 2014 Annual Rock & Gem Show has come to a close.  On behalf of all the vendors and the members of the Mobile Rock & Gem Society, we hope you had a wonderful time at the show and that you found something to treasure.  We'll see you next year!

Wrap Up

Display Case Contest - Mobile Rock & Gem member Chesley Sanders won our display case contest for his display of a collection of micro-mineral samples.

Chesley's Mineral Samples