Follow the Mobile Rock and Society at our Facebook Group Page.  For general information, please contact one of our officers.

Officers (2019):

President: Jim Patterson (email)
Vice President: Roger Smith (email)
Treasurer: Susan Dover (email)
Secretary: Dee Patterson (email)
Editor: Jim Darnell (email)
Director: Ken Furr (email)
Director: Michael Peterson (email)
Director: Phil Kaiser (email)

Committee Chairs:

Clubhouse Chairman: Open
Facebook Chairman: Michael Peterson (email)
Field Trip Chairman: Larry Landry (email)
Hospitality Chairman: Susan Brown (email)
Librarian: Ken Furr (email)
Membership Chairman: Ben Davis (email)
Shop Chairman: Larry Landry (email)
Show Chairman: Jim Patterson (email)
Show Dealer Chairman: Rodney Boone (email)
Sunshine Committee: Tersea Boone (email)
Webmaster: Michael Peterson (email)
Youth Activities Chairman: Michelle Peterson (email)

…or you can reach the club via email here.

...or you can reach us by mail at:

Mobile Rock & Gem Society
1324 Forest Dell Rd.
Mobile, AL 36618