St. Stephens 2015

St. Stephens Fossil Hunt - March 2015

Members of MRGS gathered in St. Stephens Alabama to gather fossils.  

St Stephens grew atop the bluffs over the Tombigbee and came to be an early land office for the sale of Indian Lands and Alabama's capital prior to its admission to the American states.

Even before America became a country, scientists were hopping on and off of boats up and down the Tombigbee River because it is a great place to view the geological and fossil record of our earth.  Part of St. Stephens State Park and the surrounding land are part of a long defunct cement plant that provided the building materials for the city of Mobile for a hundred years. 

Marine fossils of many kinds can be found in the ancient deposits, including shells, shark and ray teeth, sand dollars, and sea biscuits.