Summerville 2015

The June 2015 SFMS/DMC Field Trip was sponsored by Mobile Rock & Gem Society to collect Summerville Agate at the quarry in Summerville Georgia.

This site has been a long time favorite of many collectors. The agate forms within Mississippian age chert as delicate concentric bands. Colors are predominantly gray and red. Sometimes you can find stalactic formations, or pieces covered in drusy quartz. Material is generally found by simply surface collecting, although there are plenty of large pieces and boulders for those so inclined to break them apart.

We got off to a rocky start (see what I did there?).  The dig was originally scheduled for Saturday, June 6.  Normally the quarry doesn't work on weekends, but at the last minute (June 5) they informed us that unfortunately they were going to have to operate on Saturday. Everyone from the various clubs attending was informed, but the late change unfortunately resulted in some people not being able to attend.

Sunday in the quarry was, as expected, extremely hot.  MRGS got to use our new tent and banners for the first time in the field.

Like most quarry's, there is really no place to escape from the heat.  All the light colored material in the quarry makes Summerville a particularly hot place in the summer Alabama sun.

A couple of guys from Georgia found a huge (about 3 feet diameter) boulder with good pattern and figure throughout and briefly contemplated how they might get it loaded into a truck but eventually gave up on the idea.

An MRGS member found a beautiful specimen, and it's quite a story how he found it too (read about it here).

Enjoy the pictures...