MRGS Workshop

Mobile Rock & Gem Society has a fully equipped lapidary workshop at the Society's clubhouse.

The workshop is available for use by all members of the society. We ask for a $3 donation when using the workshop to help offset costs of operation and equipment.

MRGS provides a mentoring and certificate program for all society members.  Experienced members of the society teach proper and safe operation of all the lapidary equipment, and proper lapidary techniques.  Society members can learn all the basic techniques to produce lapidary projects to be proud of under the guidance of more advanced members.

Certificates of Achievement are issued to members in three levels

  • Basic - safety training, lapidary wheel operation, basic cabbing techniques.
  • Intermediate - operation of all lapidary equipment and saws, advanced cabbing (authorized to open and operate the workshop).
  • Advanced- teaching of lapidary techniques, equipment maintenance.