Summerville Agate

By Terry and Susan Brown

On the club's field trip to collect Summerville Agate in June 2015, Terry stumbled across this beautiful display piece...completely by accident.

During a break, Terry took the dog for a walk through the tall grass near the parking area (a good 100 yards away from the collection area). He stepped on a rock, and when he looked down, he saw the exposed "eye" on the top.

This is the cleaned up specimen:

Pretty nice isn't it?  Well this is what it looks like after he polished it...

One of the prettiest pieces of Summerville Agate you'll ever see...and a great story too.

Custom Bolo

Member Neal Thomas recently completed this very impressive hand-made bolo tie commissioned by a friend. (click to view larger images)

The stone is a intarsia of Biggs Jasper surrounded by black jade.  The bezel, as well as the bennett clasp,  is hand made from sterling silver.  The beads on the tips are Biggs Jasper and black jade cut down to cylinders, polished and center drilled for the pin that connects them to the end caps.  The tips and end caps were also hand made from thin sheet sterling.

We don't think Neal braided the leather cord...