2016 Junior Camp

The 2016 Junior Summer Camp was June 28-30.

Day 1 covered mineral identification of unknown samples using streak plates and hardness testing, crystal structures (built hands-on using toothpicks and gum drops), fossil casts and trackways (in cookie dough), basic aide training by Susan Brown, and soapstone carving.

Day 2 had more soapstone carving, making gem trees, a lecture on many of the forms or quartz by Chesley Sanders, and a continuation of basic aide training covering rescue breathing.

Day 3 started off finishing up the gem trees and working more on the soapstone carvings. Some of the juniors learning to make cabochons wire-wrapped their camp creations.  We had part 3 of basic aide training and finished up with our annual camp rock auction.

In addition to other camp activities, some of the older juniors also went through a cabbing basics workshop.  The cabbing workshop involves instruction on how to open up and clean-up/close-down the workshop, safety, how to properly use and care for the machines, and hands-on instruction on how to turn a pre-form into a finished cabochon.  Everyone completed one basic oval cabochon.  Several juniors completed multiple cabs, and one moved on to learning the basics of operating the saws.

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