Ebersole Rocks

The Ebersole family has been in the rock business since Leo got the “bug” in the early 1950′s. The “bug” turned into a full scale business in 1958 when a highway expansion moved us out of our old location to a new shop west of Wichita on 54 Highway.

We thought, at the time, that we would be there forever. We grew and expanded over the years to become one of the largest in the Nation, with our large mail order department. But then in 2000, the highway department decided it needed to expand again and we were again deported. This time the move was monumental. It took months to pack, build a new facility and move into our new location at 5830 W. Hendryx. We’re still in west Wichita, just 4 miles east of our old place, but this time on the north side of 54 Highway. We’re easy to find, just east of the Sam’s/Wal Mart location and before you get to Furniture Row. We’ve worked long and hard to get our new facility ready for business again and are ready and eager to serve you. We’re still your complete Lapidary Supplier. Check with us when you need Lapidary supplies and tumblers, jewelry and silver smithing equipment and supplies. We’re your “One-stop-shop” for your hobby needs.

Website: Ebersole Rocks

email us at: ebersolerocks@sbcglobal.net