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Below are the most recent books added to the MRGS Library in April, with links to the online catalog:
Complete Metalsmith
Professional Edition
By Tim McCreight
This book became a classic after it was first published in 1982 and is on every professional metalworker's must-have list. As an information-packed technique source book, with over 2500 drawings, the author provides a wealth of information on materials, tools, shaping, surfaces, joining, color, finishing, casting, stonesetting, chains, findings and mechanisms. Also included is one of the largest collections of charts and tables for metalsmiths.

The Fairburn Agate of the Black Hills
100 Unique Stories
By James Magnuson and Photographer Carol Wood
Fairburn Agates are beautiful, banded gemstones found primarily in South Dakota's Black Hills and also in parts of Nebraska and Wyoming. They are world renowned for their unique, translucent beauty. The authors highlight the South Dakota State Gem with lighthearted stories and an amazing collection of natural, artistic photographs.

Roadside Geology of Florida
By Jonathan R. Bryan, Thomas M. Scott and Guy H. Means
Covering five regions, from the panhandle through the Central Lakes District all the way through the Dry Tortugas, the authors lead you through a world of cavernous limestone, boiling spring heads and rock strata containing the remains of some of the strangest animals that every walked the Earth. As the most recent addition to the North American continent, a the Sunshine State will give you a unique geological perspective.

A Natural History of Fool’s Gold
By David Richard
Most people have heard of pyrite, the brassy yellow mineral sometimes known as fool's gold. Pyrite behaves like stone and shines like metal, has attracted the attention of many different cultures, and its nearly identical visual appearance to gold has led to tales of fraud, trickery, and claims of alchemy. Pyrite occupies a unique place in human history. The author blends basic science and historical narrative to describe the many unique ways pyrite is integral to our world. This book provides good information but only a few color images are available.

Rocks, Gems, and Minerals of the Rocky Mountains
Falcon Pocket Guides
By Garret Romaine
This a small field guide with more than 130 of the most common and sough-after rocks, gems and minerals found throughout the Rocky Mountain states. This informative guide features full-color, detailed photographs to make rock identification easy.

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